Overview: Cosmic Perspective

(From the Introduction of Ascension! by MSI)

Where does one begin to define the Ishaya tradition?

The Ishayas are an ancient Order of monks, one which claims to stem directly from the Apostle John, following the direct orders of Christ to preserve his teachings until the third millennium. They hold that the original teachings of Jesus were not a belief system at all, but rather a mechanical series of techniques to transform human life into a constant perception and knowing of the perfection of divinity within every human heart.

What is the source or goal of human life? The mind in the waking state is filled with opposing thoughts. Is the perfection of life to be found after death? Is Heaven a far-off state, one to be attained by living a “good” life, or is it something that is at hand — a reality that can be attained here and now, an Ascended reality that is possible to be achieved in the present?

Is it possible to live an ideal, Heavenly life in this world? Is it possible to live every moment in an upward-directed, Ascending mode, in which every thought, word and deed is filled with bliss and love and life? Can individual life become ideal? Can it be completely healed of the pain of past loss and faulty belief?

Logically, it is impossible to heal individual life if the world is not healed. No one is isolated from the rest of humanity; all are woven together in a tapestry of energy and synergy in which the lives and actions of one reflect in all others. If one person suffers, all suffer — at least to some extent. Recognizing this, the ancients formulated a lofty ideal, perhaps best expressed as the Boddhisattva pledge in Buddhism — “I will not leave this world until all are enlightened.” Such commitment is enshrined in these words. Such love. But are they practical?

Is it even possible to heal the Earth? If everyone in the entire world must be healed for our individual lives to be ideal, how could it ever happen? Is this not clearly an impossible task for any one being to accomplish? And yet if we desire the impossible, do we desire alone? Many of our greatest throughout history have spoken of a New World, a coming time in which all the problems of life have been solved or Ascended, in which all of humanity unites in seeking the highest and best for everyone. Lofty visions? Surely, but are they also practical? Can they be attained? Or were our spiritual leaders and visionaries speaking only to inspire us to be better?

Do we any longer have a choice? Perhaps it seemed that we did before our modern times, perhaps in previous ages we could delegate some few of us to focus on healing everyone through religion or mysticism or science, but no longer. Even a cursory look at the state of the world leads to the inescapable conclusion that we no longer have a choice. Heal the world we must, else it and we fail to survive. We as a species have created an imbalance on Earth that could in the space of a few days or hours result in the end of our race or the end of our world or both. Is there hope for us? Do we have allies in this healing process? Do the Laws of Nature favor our healing or our elimination? Let’s look at the nature of the world and see if there is any hope.

The world is always changing. The Universe is in a constant state of flux. It may have periods of greater or lesser stability, or areas where change seems slight or rare, but these are only temporary realities. The mightiest mountains are worn down to foothills; the oceans rise up and turn into dry land; even the continents slip around on the Earth’s molten core like ice on a hot tin stove. One day the Sun itself will die; eventually this galaxy will be extinct, filled with the hollow memories of burned out stars.

The dinosaurs ruled the Earth for a great many more million years than the present human race is supposed to have existed, but where are they now? Life is change.

Our world is changing, and ever more rapidly. There are those who take this as evidence that this is not an ideal world, it was not created by perfection or it is not maintained in perfection. This conclusion seems rock solid. But is it? Is this not saying that there is a part of space or time where the Infinite Perfection of the Ascendant is not found? If that is so, then the Infinite is not Omnipresent, or is opposed by a nearly Omnipotent destructive power that seeks to undermine the intent of Infinity. Or perhaps it is all truly random, there is no underlying order; all thought of Ascendant harmony is a myth, created by hopeful people with little common sense.

This kind of thinking denies both logic and experience, as will become clear as we proceed with this short text. There is another way to view this world; there is another way to view all of life.

Change appears to be either constructive or destructive. There seem to be two great natural forces at work in our Universe — evolution and devolution. But on closer examination, every motion of devolution is not without purpose, for it opens the pathway for more and greater evolution. It is only when the bud is destroyed that the flower can emerge. It is only when the child dies that the adult is born.

The combined working of these two infinitely opposed forces is all-powerful in the relative cosmos, and is certainly brilliantly wise. Some have considered it mindless, but even a cursory look at the magnificent complexity of any aspect of our Universe makes such a conclusion seem extremely naive. A thousand billion galaxies each with an average of two hundred billion stars? Fifty trillion cells in every human body all working together in perfect harmony? Such wisdom there is in Nature, such brilliance. Natural laws certainly seem all-powerful and all-knowing from our human perspective, do they not?

So, if there are Omnipotent and Omniscient forces at work in our Universe, why do they so often handle our lives in such a destructive manner? Aren’t we often crushed by oppressive weights beyond our ability to control? Which of us has not from time to time thought our lives are about as important to the higher powers of Nature as are the insects on our windshields? The universal forces don’t seem to have much regard for the little human lives on our planet, do they?

Appearance is a wonderful magician, an extraordinary deceiver, capable of convincing our hearts and minds of the strangest lies. How often do we choose our clothes, houses, jobs by the most superficial standards? And our friends and mates as well. Is this bad? Not necessarily. Compromising integrity doesn’t make a whole lot of difference if there is no absolute standard. If we have never seen the Sun, choosing between which star we wish to guide us is not so important. This doesn’t mean we might not believe it important and fight with all our might to defend the supremacy of our individually chosen star. We might go to war defending the importance of Sirius, the brightest; we might say that any who refuse to follow the sure council of Polaris, the steadiest, are doomed to hell and Infinite torture; we might create entire philosophies on the wondrous counsel offered by the most glorious constellation, Orion — but what happens to our beliefs and philosophies based on starlight when the Sun rises?

The point is that if we attempt to apply the standards of sensual perception in an attempt to understand our position and role in the Universe, we will necessarily fall far short of learning anything of much importance. How to align our understanding with the Cosmic and Universal Forces instead of with the gross material world reported to us by our senses is the whole purpose of inner growth.

Cosmic Intelligence is one name for that Force which pushes our individual lives and our world toward perfection. It is the Source of the harmony between the opposing natural laws that causes all of life to progress, in spite of the appearances on the surface. According to the Ishayas, our only responsibility here on Earth is to make sure that we are not working against Cosmic Intelligence, either consciously or unconsciously.

Evolution on Earth is accelerating at an ever-increasing rate. The vibratory rate of our world is changing upward so quickly now that there is a real danger large numbers will fail to make this transition. It is our obligation to do whatever we can to enable as many as possible to negotiate this global shift in awareness successfully. This should not be considered a burden; it is a joyous movement upward into the light; every step forward on this path is not only great good fortune for every individual but a large upsurge in life for the world’s billions.

We have a little time left, a decade or two for most of us, before this transition will be complete. It is time for all the co-workers for peace, all those who wish to be or already are enlightened, all those who possess goodwill for humanity, all leaders everywhere to drop their surface and petty differences and unite with one voice of understanding and praise for the Source of all that is. The simple guiding principle here is this: if we are sowing division, preaching destruction, seeking or finding evil in the world (even if we are looking for it with the intention of removing it!), then we are part of the problem, not the cure.

It may seem possible for a short time longer to oppose the great transformation that is rapidly building in this world. But this is appearance merely. And even that appearance is necessarily going to change. Those who desire to oppose Cosmic Intelligence will soon — very soon — be no longer found on this Earth. Everyone will either consciously or unconsciously act in perfect harmony with Universal Mind. Those who would oppose it will either change or simply cease to be here. That is our future. And the good news is that anyone’s inner realization helps change the destiny of everyone else.

Some of us have already remembered that we are multi dimensional beings. We, living on the Earth, are opened to Universal Mind. The Voice of the Universe speaks through us. Desire to serve our fellow wanderers is the natural by-product of our enlightenment: our perennial task is to help everyone discover Universal Mind within. But words are limited, finite tools; our proper subject is the Unlimited, the Infinite, a subject that lies forever far beyond the ability of language to describe or communicate. Writing or reading or listening to lectures does not expand consciousness; this happens only through direct, personal experience. Hence, is this book short. But the invitation is long.

Security, peace, happiness, health and love await those who learn the Ishayas’ Ascension techniques. You may already have recognized in your heart that this offer is for you. But it may take some more time, or perhaps some further exchange of energy or knowledge between us, before your conscious mind understands your heart’s choice. This little book is for you; it is designed to help your rational mind learn what your heart already knows full well. Take what you will from this storehouse, drink as deeply as you care from the wellsprings here, and then if we are not to meet again, go your own way with the blessings of this knowledge upon your heart.

The urgency of action now to fulfill our collective destiny is the theme of this work. The world must rise to a state of all-time peace and soon, else many suffer and die needlessly. Answered within this text are many of the fundamental mysteries of life; this is true for any willing to examine this book with an open mind and an innocent heart. As these awaken to the innermost Reality of their wonderful, exalted souls, the trends of life for all beings on the Earth will be irrevocably changed.

This is a precious knowledge, a priceless gift to share with the world.

We are attempting to communicate with you for a specific purpose. There are many who entered here when we did to be with us; if you are among their number, now is the time to come forward and begin to move together with us to our common goal for the good of all.

Take the time to seek out the Ishayas and learn for yourself these mechanical techniques to transform life. Belief is not required — all that is necessary is that you have an open mind and heart and are willing to give these techniques a chance. If you do this simple thing, I promise you: your life will unfold and blossom in ways you never dreamed possible. There will remain no compromise in you, no living a half or partial life, only the freedom of expanding love and joy in the perfection of fully enlightened consciousness.

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