Introduction (excerpt from Third Thunder)

(From Introduction of Orah – Third Thunder, Book 1 by MSI)


Ancient visionary experience, because of the long passage of time and the changing world, has lost its usefulness to humanity. The ancient visionary structures have become fragmented, have lost their holistic nature — and therefore their practicality has decayed. Ancient visions made sense at the time of their creation, for they were representative of Truth in their spatial and temporal environment. But the times have changed and the visions have not.

Therefore, although much beauty can still be appreciated in the old stories, the life has flowed out of them, leaving empty shells where before were the living mechanics of contact with the Divine. Revitalization of the human condition comes from re-creation from the Source, not from re-translation of the past.

The physical, human mind — a structure of earth — needs a modern vision of its highest purpose. With all the fragmentation in today’s world, it is imperative to have a clean, undistorted vision of the Source. To uplift the quality of human thought to its true, glorified Reality is, in part, an annihilation of any understanding of the human as weak, sinful, decayed or limited.

The path of communication with the Higher Self must be revitalized from the root. This path is not created out of Idealism — it is created out of the blood and guts of human life-experience. This explains why the ancient myths were often violent. But it is not necessary to focus long on the problem, on the decay — there has been enough of that already. What is necessary is to acknowledge the reality of negativity, then focus on re-creation. The period of acknowledgment can be brief compared with the time devoted to reconstruction.

The human being is a divine machine that needs to be re-centered. This does not happen through a process of “shoulds” and “should nots”; it happens from the introduction of new experience of the One. In terms of visionary experience, re-centering occurs through the process of identifying the different internal characters, discarding those who do not serve the growth process, strengthening those who do, destroying that which is useless, creating that which is useful.

We are filled with myriad sub-personalities: to understand and integrate all our internal characters, it is necessary to have a comprehensive vision of the highest nature of our God-Self. The path to perfection, then, is to recognize the perfect parts of our inner being. We are all filled with misplaced and misunderstood gods and goddesses. We need to reconstitute the rainbow bridge from the Cosmic Mind of the Divine to the minds of the human.

The gods and goddesses form a model of the inner life which (when working properly) shows us how to deal with the different aspects of ourselves. They are models of how to resolve the conflicts between the various sub-personalities and how to manifest a higher, truly holistic personality. All the tales of the gods describe the nature of the inner life for the purpose of gaining perfection. What makes one imperfect? The false concepts, beliefs and judgments — it is precisely these that the tales of the gods and goddesses seek to heal and remove. Humans are part and parcel of the Divine — we are those stray sheep who are being led homeward to perfection by the breath of the wind, by the scent of Mother Earth, by every story of the nature and experience of the gods and the goddesses.

The THUNDER series is written as mythic stories because these are the highest form of expression of visionary experience. Myth is a process of growth into joy in which every step is one of joy. It is a map to understand our existence, a treasure map of our great hidden inner resources. Myth fulfills the longing of the right brain for emotional experience as thoroughly and completely as the logical form and analysis of the structure of Creation fulfills the left brain.

The visions described in the three volumes of THIRD THUNDER occurred while was studying with the Ishayas in their monastery. During this time I was instructed by Durga in the Third Sphere Ascension techniques of the Ishayas. During this instruction, I began to recognize clearly that the significance of human life is not to be found in the external world but in the internal. I had thought that Sharon was lost to me forever; I learned in the Third Sphere that such thinking was a projection of my erroneous and painfully limited beliefs — nothing more. The internal is the Real; the external is the dream.

I had understood this before intellectually, but the power of the experiences recorded in these three texts convinced me on the basis of my own expanding awareness that the external is the domain of illusion; the internal is the domain of the Real.

Modern humans have by and large reversed the dominance of these two. It is common to believe that the external is the only reality and the internal is subject to illusions and cannot be trusted. The Reality is quite other. In the language of A Course in Miracles: “Your holiness reverses all the laws of the world. It is beyond every restriction of time, space, distance and limits of any kind.” This was proven to me in the Himalayas. The three volumes of THIRD THUNDER describe the expanding appreciation of Reality of a soul rising to full Unity Consciousness.

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