The Messages from Water

As time passes and our ability to observe our bodies and the world grows, it is becoming increasingly clear that the knowledge passed down to us by Spiritual Teachers from all ages and traditions has far more practical value than we ever imagined. Religious instructions such as the Ten Commandments, are proving to be more than mere rules to help us gain entry to a future Heaven. As we evolve, it is becoming obvious that such spiritual guidelines are actually common sense suggestions, compassionately handed down to us in hopes that we will stop hurting ourselves. When we stop hurting ourselves, happiness and health will dawn naturally.

Japanese researcher, Mr. Masaru Emoto, has documented some very interesting observations which many say, prove that our thoughts have the power to transform our physical world—not only the power to transform our bodies, (this has already been proven),1 but to transform the world around us simply by adjusting what we do with our minds.

Take a moment to ponder…imagine if this were really true; that we actually have the power to influence the world with our thoughts. Now… consider the notion that if this is true, it must have always been true. We would then have to accept that our past thoughts have already influenced our bodies and our world and that our past thoughts and actions have contributed to the creation of everything we experience today. For some, this is a responsibility too great to bear and so they may consciously or subconsciously block out this knowledge. Facing this truth is one of the great challenges of our time. Putting this knowledge to use by actually choosing to redirect the activity of our minds in every moment, takes a tremendous amount of courage, patience, persistence and honest self-reflection.

Science is catching up…

For over ten years, Mr. Emoto has been observing and reporting some remarkable discoveries concerning the ability of water to reflect its environment. These observations have been well documented in several of his books.2

Mr. Emoto first established that healthy water, when frozen, forms an intricately shaped crystal with concentric patterns similar to a snowflake.

Mr. Emoto conducted his experiments by freezing droplets of water which he then observed under a dark field microscope with photographic capabilities. By photographing water from many sources, Mr. Emoto discovered fascinating information about the differences in the structures that are created when water is frozen. He noted that water from pristine mountain streams and springs form beautiful, geometric designs whereas, water from a polluted source or stagnated water from pipes and storage dams show a completely different and distorted shape:

Mr. Emoto found water to be extremely malleable; its molecular shape easily transforms to reflect its environment. When we look at water with our eyes it does not appear to change. However, on the molecular level, water is constantly changing. These changes are in direct response to its surroundings.

This fascinating phenomenon is why Mr. Emoto affirms that water has a message for us. It is not always easy to see the effects of our thoughts and actions on the world. Since water mirrors its surroundings, all we have to do is look in that mirror to witness, how the way we live, is affecting the world.

Demonstrating further, Mr Emoto experimented by offering a prayer over the polluted water to see if the crystalline structure would change. Amazingly, it did! Here are the results:

Mr. Emoto also conducted experiments to observe the affects of music on the structure of water. He played different types of music to different bottles of water for several hours and then photographed the resulting crystals.

He then explored how thoughts and words would affect the structure of untreated, distilled water. Distilled water is like dead or blank water. During the distillation process, the water is completely stripped of any pollutants. At the same time, it is also stripped of all healthy materials such as minerals. Mr. Emoto taped words and messages printed from a word processor, onto several bottles of water and left them overnight. Again, the results were amazing…

We have all experienced a change in our feelings while participating in, or being witness to conversations that are negative or focused on gossiping. Who hasn’t felt the discomfort of being around a person who is consistently negative? Most of us can also relate to how music affects our mood. A sad song brings us down, while an upbeat song can boost our energy and make us smile and dance. A gospel song can inspire gratitude and awe while our national anthem may engender feelings of pride or patriotism.

Our bodies reflect our moods by creating certain chemical and molecular configurations. The configuration of the body then begins to affect the environment. Have you ever noticed that when you are in a sad mood you tend to enjoy sad songs more than when you are in a happy mood? This is the law of like attracts like.

We can observe similar dynamics in human relationships. When a person is negative and unhappy, a happy person may not be able to stick around them for too long because of their discomfort or else they may change their mood to reflect the same vibratory rate as the unhappy person. The latter choice may be viewed by some as a compassionate gesture. However, two people operating at a lower frequency is neither compassionate nor a desirable outcome. This is like trying to save someone from drowning in quicksand by jumping in with them. This faulty view of compassion is a direct result of not knowing our true nature and the power within.

The truly compassionate thing to do, as this research is suggesting, is to maintain your high vibration while gently offering the other person a way to raise their own. They won’t always accept your offer. However, you will silently affect the molecules in their body by remaining conscious. This is accomplished by allowing, but not succumbing to, lower vibrational thoughts, while at the same time, cultivating the higher frequencies of love and gratitude. The mind with the strongest focus will eventually transform the vibration of its environment.

 A Vicious Cycle

Beliefs influence our minds. Our minds influence our moods. Our moods affect our bodies, which in turn affect the environment all around us. The flip side is also true; our bodies are affected by the environment, which in turn, affects our minds. This situation has created a seemingly endless vicious cycle which is felt throughout our world. The mind affects the body which affects the environment then the environment affects the body which affects the mind. How can we ever be free of this madness? One way to break free from this vicious cycle is to gain an understanding that there is a difference between thoughts and thinking.

The human mind is in constant motion. It is estimated that we think upwards of 50,000 thoughts a day. Like the properties of water, the mind is very impressionable and reflective of the external environment. Similar to a mirror which is still and clear until something dances in front of it, much of the activity in our minds is a result of the environment and is beyond our ability to control. We do, however, have control of what it is we choose to consciously think about. Thinking is an activity that can be controlled. Whether you realize it or not, you direct your mind to think. There may be other thoughts bouncing around in there, but you are the one who chooses what you think about. Thoughts are the movements of your mind that you have no functional control over. Sometimes, there are many thoughts while we are trying to think. When it gets too intense, we say things like, “I can’t think straight!”

Due to the mind’s tendency to move, thoughts will arise. This is perfectly natural. However, the usual inclination is to grab on to those thoughts and think about them. The best you can do with thoughts is to let them run their course without any judgment or any attempt to stop them. This is what is meant by the New Testament adage “resist not evil”. These thoughts, no matter how ugly or how enticing they might be, are not very powerful. They only gain power when you start to think about them. We always have the choice of what to think about. This choice will affect every area of our life from the mental and emotional realms, right down to our actual physical health.

Mr. Emoto has shown us that water is affected by its environment. However, he has proven in turn, that water also has the power to affect its environment. He demonstrated this by pouring water, that had first been blessed by a group of people, into a lake and then photographing the before and after water samples. The results showed that even a small amount of “blessed” water had the power to transform an entire lake.

In another experiment, Mr. Emoto put a picture of the “Thank You” crystal (shown above) in front of a bottle of distilled water. Again, the distilled water was transformed. Mr. Emoto noted the similarities between the water crystal designs and the mandalas of many Eastern traditions. A mandala is a pattern that is used as a focal point for meditation. It is believed that simply focusing on these shapes will increase your vibration and hasten your path to enlightenment. These experiments suggest that we can do the same with the higher vibrational water crystal patterns. By simply staring at a picture of the crystal, you can transform your own  molecular structure for the better.

What do we do now?

Our bodies are comprised of 70% water. Water also covers over 70% of the Earth’s surface. Since this is true, we can use this new research to develop some very practical and intelligent habits to enhance our lives. There are many simple exercises that people all over the world have put into practice. Many spiritual traditions suggest that the vibration of Love and Gratitude are the highest known to mankind. Blessing our environment with thoughts of love and gratitude is an excellent and intelligent use of our time. Whenever you come into contact with water, food, people and plants, gently think to yourself “I love you” and/or “Thank you”. When you do this, take a moment to breathe deeply and let go of all of your worries and stresses. Be present and effortlessly feel the love you are sending with these simple thoughts.

The periods just before sleeping and just after waking are special times, during which, we are extra receptive to suggestions from our mind. Practicing this effortless exercise at these times is exponentially beneficial.

The truth is you do not need an event or a reason to do this exercise. You can engage in this activity whenever you remember to do so. It is not always easy to justify spending our time and energy on activities, the results of which, we cannot see with our own eyes. It is the hope of many that this new research will deepen our understanding and acceptance of the benefits that are derived from blessing our bodies and our environment with these loving thoughts.

Shivaraj Ishaya is a teacher of The Ishayas’ Ascension, which are high vibrational techniques to help you still the mind and generate deep rest and healing. The Ascension techniques help you generate the higher vibrations of Love and Peace in your life while rewriting any limiting programming. Become “Self-Aware” and cultivate more Peace, Love and Joy in your life.  (506)854-6991 ~ ~

1.  Candace B. Pert, Molecules of Emotions: The Science Behind Mind/Body Medicine. Scribner, 1997.

2.  Masaru Emoto, Messages from Water Vols. l-3. L.H.M. General Research Institute.

If you would like to learn more you can purchase Mr. Emotos books and other products at the below contact. Products available include, books, videos, posters of crystals to meditate on and uplift your environment and positive stickers to charge your beverages. Visit Mr. Masaru Emoto’s homesite:  

“Hado” is the intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter. The smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness.

“Hado” creates words. Words are the vibrations of nature. Therefore beautiful words create beautiful nature, ugly words create ugly nature. This is the root of the universe. ”  ~  Masaru Emoto

An Exercise for True Peace Keepers:

Take a glass of water and gently repeat the exercise above. Sit quietly for a minute or so. While sitting with the glass of water in your hands, gently imagine that you are energizing the water with love and that this love energy is so powerful that whatever comes in contact with the water, will be instantly transformed to the love vibration. Then imagine that whatever comes in contact with the newly transformed water will also be transformed. And so on. After you do this, take a drink of the water and then give some to those nearby. Sprinkle the water around your home. Pour the water down the kitchen sink and into the toilet. Flush it out to the world to bless everything it touches. By making a daily ritual out of this simple, loving act, you can rest assured that you will benefit mentally, emotionally and physically while helping the world and everybody in it.

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