The Messages from Water

As time passes and our ability to observe our bodies and the world grows, it is becoming increasingly clear that the knowledge passed down to us by Spiritual Teachers from all ages and traditions has far more practical value than we ever imagined. Religious instructions such as the Ten Commandments, are proving to be more than mere rules to help us gain entry to a future Heaven. As we evolve, it is becoming obvious that such spiritual guidelines are actually common sense suggestions, compassionately handed down to us in hopes that we will stop hurting ourselves. When we stop hurting ourselves, happiness and health will dawn naturally.

Japanese researcher, Mr. Masaru Emoto, has documented some very interesting observations which many say, prove that our thoughts have the power to transform our physical world—not only the power to transform our bodies, (this has already been proven),1 but to transform the world around us simply by adjusting what we do with our minds.

Take a moment to ponder…imagine if this were really true; that we actually have the power to influence the world with our thoughts. Now… consider the notion that if this is true, it must have always been true. We would then have to accept that our past thoughts have already influenced our bodies and our world and that our past thoughts and actions have contributed to the creation of everything we experience today. For some, this is a responsibility too great to bear and so they may consciously or subconsciously block out this knowledge. Facing this truth is one of the great challenges of our time. Putting this knowledge to use by actually choosing to redirect the activity of our minds in every moment, takes a tremendous amount of courage, patience, persistence and honest self-reflection.

Science is catching up…

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Introduction (excerpt from Third Thunder)

(From Introduction of Orah – Third Thunder, Book 1 by MSI)


Ancient visionary experience, because of the long passage of time and the changing world, has lost its usefulness to humanity. The ancient visionary structures have become fragmented, have lost their holistic nature — and therefore their practicality has decayed. Ancient visions made sense at the time of their creation, for they were representative of Truth in their spatial and temporal environment. But the times have changed and the visions have not.

Therefore, although much beauty can still be appreciated in the old stories, the life has flowed out of them, leaving empty shells where before were the living mechanics of contact with the Divine. Revitalization of the human condition comes from re-creation from the Source, not from re-translation of the past.

The physical, human mind — a structure of earth — needs a modern vision of its highest purpose. With all the fragmentation in today’s world, it is imperative to have a clean, undistorted vision of the Source. To uplift the quality of human thought to its true, glorified Reality is, in part, an annihilation of any understanding of the human as weak, sinful, decayed or limited.

The path of communication with the Higher Self must be revitalized from the root. This path is not created out of Idealism — it is created out of the blood and guts of human life-experience. This explains why the ancient myths were often violent. But it is not necessary to focus long on the problem, on the decay — there has been enough of that already. What is necessary is to acknowledge the reality of negativity, then focus on re-creation. The period of acknowledgment can be brief compared with the time devoted to reconstruction. Continue reading Introduction (excerpt from Third Thunder)

Introduction (excerpt from Second Thunder)

(From Second Thunder by MSI)

The Vision of the Source Universe


This is an invitation to share my vision.

Other worlds lie just beneath the surface of our rational minds.

In one, infinite yet unconscious forces interact mindlessly in chaotic patterns, creating and destroying as if randomly, by accident.

In another, gods and heroes struggle against manifest evil in the all but hopeless quest to save their worlds from destruction.

In yet another, every moment without exception unfolds in perfect harmony with the will of the Creator-Of-All-That-Is.

The experience of alternate universes is more often than not repressed in our modern age. This is tragic, for repression leads to confusion, to distorted perception, to fear.

There is nothing in life to fear. Para, the Source Universe which has given rise to all others, floats throughout Eternity as a radiant golden sphere, bathed in the azure flames of the infinite Light and unending love of the omnipotent One. That Universe is perfect. And since it is the Source of all other created universes, all must also be perfect. Apple trees create only apples. Love creates only love. Perfection creates only perfection. It is only identification with the projected dream-worlds that leads to suffering. Continue reading Introduction (excerpt from Second Thunder)

Chapter 1 (excerpt from First Thunder)

(From Chapter 1 of First Thunder by MSI)

Chapter 1

Spring Crocuses

My old Chevy truck, last with me as it had been the first, carried me to Seattle, burning only slightly over a quart of oil every two hundred miles. Mother welcomed me, but I knew her too well to miss her disappointment. The daughter of a devout Presbyterian and the sister of a Missionary, she felt violated by my life. None of her core beliefs about divorce, employment, responsibility, family or honor were unshaken by my fall.

My plans pleased her even less. During the long drive home from Missouri, I realized that above all I needed time to nurture and heal. I wanted to understand why my life had run aground on the reefs of outrageous fortune, why my business and marriage had been ripped apart by the hurricane of despair; I desperately sought a new course for the foundering ship of my being. Why was the Universe so callous, so hateful? I had only wished to be a good person. Why was the desire to be an honorable citizen, husband and father not enough?

I recognized now that even during the best times in Missouri, I had felt an emptiness inside, a strange and painful hollowness no amount of prosperity had ever filled. My new cars, my limestone castle, my family, the honor of friends and community — nothing satisfied the undercurrent of discontent moving just beneath the calm surface. The tragic lie of false peace! Continue reading Chapter 1 (excerpt from First Thunder)

Introduction (excerpt from Enlightenment)

(From the ENLIGHTENMENT book by MSI)

The Yoga Sutras of Maharisi Patanjali are the most concise formulation in history of the mechanics of the growth of consciousness from the Waking State to the highest degree of human consciousness, Unified Consciousness. They present a systematic and complete understanding of the psychological, emotional and physical transformations that occur as an individual develops full enlightenment. This process of development is called Ascension, or rising beyond the boundaries of ignorance.

Maharisi Patanjali was also known as Govinda Yogindra, the “The Light-Filled King of the Yogis.” He was commonly considered to be the Teacher of the first Shankaracharya, who revitalized the knowledge of Ascension some five centuries before the birth of Christ. Maharisi Patanjali was a fully consciousness human being. Maharisi, literally means “great sage.” A rishi, a sage, is an individual who has Ascended to the first stage of enlightenment, Perpetual Consciousness, which is characterized by recognition that the inner Self is Infinite, not limited by space, time or causation, one with the omnipresent One, the Creator of All that Is.

A Maharisi is an individual who has Ascended to Unified Consciousness, in which the inner experience of Infinite Awareness is also experienced outside, as the essential Reality of everyone and everything. Patanjali was established in this ultimate level of human consciousness. His text of Yoga was designed to help anyone rise to this state of human perfection.
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Overview: Cosmic Perspective

(From the Introduction of Ascension! by MSI)

Where does one begin to define the Ishaya tradition?

The Ishayas are an ancient Order of monks, one which claims to stem directly from the Apostle John, following the direct orders of Christ to preserve his teachings until the third millennium. They hold that the original teachings of Jesus were not a belief system at all, but rather a mechanical series of techniques to transform human life into a constant perception and knowing of the perfection of divinity within every human heart.

What is the source or goal of human life? The mind in the waking state is filled with opposing thoughts. Is the perfection of life to be found after death? Is Heaven a far-off state, one to be attained by living a “good” life, or is it something that is at hand — a reality that can be attained here and now, an Ascended reality that is possible to be achieved in the present?

Is it possible to live an ideal, Heavenly life in this world? Is it possible to live every moment in an upward-directed, Ascending mode, in which every thought, word and deed is filled with bliss and love and life? Can individual life become ideal? Can it be completely healed of the pain of past loss and faulty belief? Continue reading Overview: Cosmic Perspective