The body is great at healing itself but what it needs in order to heal itself is rest. When we are sick a good doctor will usually prescribe rest over anything else. If there are pills prescribed they are usually designed to take your mind off any discomfort so you can rest better. It is not the drug that heals our body it is our body that heals itself.

By measuring the heart rate, respiratory rate, level of skin resistance, blood pressure and brainwave activity in someone practicing the Ascension techniques you will find that the level of rest is much deeper than the rest of even the deepest sleep at night. Furthermore, that deeper level of rest can be obtained within ten minutes of practice, whereas it usually takes 4 to 6 hours to get to the deepest level of rest during sleep.

It is becoming more and more accepted that 90% (if not more) of all disease is psychosomatic. This is a fancy word which means that a disorder having physical symptoms actually originated from mental or emotional causes. To simplify it even further you could say that most of our ill health is a result of too much stress, or too little rest. Most of the stress we experience is because of our minds. Worrying about what might happen, regretting the past and concern for what others are thinking about us all result in and extraordinary amount of unnecessary stress. Because of the deeper level of rest obtained by practicing the Ascension techniques the body heals on a very deep level.

Not only does your body get a deep level of rest but the mind takes a break as well. In most people the mind is running a mile a minute thought after thought, a lot of mind power is being used, but not much good being accomplished.

Some of the health problems addressed directly by practicing Ascension are:

Stress: Ascension is by far one of the best stress reduction techniques available. Ascension addresses and deals with stress at two angles, eyes open and eyes closed. By practicing with the eyes closed it removes or unwinds the stress that is already in the body. By practicing with the eyes open it reduces the amount of stress that you put into your body and mind everyday.

Stress can be defined as your reaction to change. Ascension helps you become aware of your stressful reactions to life and then it helps you to reverse them. These reactions have become deep unconscious patterns and habits that are responsible for much unhappiness and suffering in the world. Ascension helps you rewrite these destructive patterns with new healthier life-supporting patterns that lead to expansion and happiness.

Sleeping disorders: Ascension is highly recommended for people with sleeping disorders, most of which experience benefits the very first night after learning to Ascend. Because it produces deeper rest than sleep Ascension is an invaluable tool for bringing your body back into balance.

High Blood Pressure: Ascension produces instant results for lowing blood pressure. By practicing regularly many people have reduced and eventually stopped their medications. (this was done under the guidance of their doctor.) Meditaion is one of the top ten recommendations of Heart Associations around the world.

Diabetes: Many have experienced benefits within the first week of practice. Benefits include, lowering insulin intake, less moodiness or fatigue during low or high blood sugar levels.

Anti-Aging: There is much more, it is almost endless what the body can heal once we get the mind out of the way and allow it to rest. You will find that all areas of your life begin to improve with the practice of Ascension. Studies suggest that after one year of regular practice the average person has a biological age reduction of 7 years. This means if you are 45 when you begin  Ascension after one year you will be 46 but your body will be more like a 39 year old. After two years of regular Ascension the average age reduction is 11 years.