The Ishayas’ are an order of monks dedicated to the healing of humanity through the healing of the self. The Ishayas are committed to preserving the Teaching of Ascension and sharing it with those who want to learn.

The Ishaya Order is an unusual order of monks. They accept both males and females into the order, they do not follow a strict diet or moral code of conduct and are allowed to be in intimate relationships. As a symbol of their commitment to Truth they typically wear a wedding band and usually dress in one of three colors. These colors are White, Red and Black each one having a different symbolic meaning, focus and energy. They can also be found in everyday clothing as part of the community.

Generally, Ishaya monks are also teachers of Ascension. They have all usually participated in a 6 month intensive Consciousness training program which involves 6 months of Ascending (meditating) for 8 to 14 hours a day combined with yoga stretching and breathing exercises, a modified diet and daily meetings for instruction, guidance and support.

The main purpose of this training is for the evolution of the participant. After the training those who are ready are invited to become teachers of Ascension which is another couple months of training.

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